Jesus Is Coming Soon - Be Ready!
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Jesus Is Coming Soon

Be Ready!

The Lord Jesus is presently exhorting us to be ready, to prepare our hearts and minds, for He is coming SOON for those "who are eagerly waiting to welcome Him". He made this known through many dreams and visions, through various people. This will be His coming "like a thief" to take those who are ready to always be with Him. ("Two on the bed, 1 taken..." - Luke 17, Matthew 24) We named it the "Calling Away" to discern it from the "Rapture" which will only happen with the Sound of the Last Trumpet.

A group of Christians will thus be taken out of the world soon. May you also be one of them!

But if it becomes known that some Christians have disappeared and you were left behind, the information available here will give you insight into what is coming. We pray that you will earnestly study it! It contains the information the Lord made known to us about the end time events.

Most Christians will sadly not be ready to leave all behind when Jesus calls, and will only be raptured with the Last Trumpet. They will have to go through the terrible events of the last 10 years. (Ch. 15 In Search of Truth.) This information can be of immeasurable value to them for encouragement during this time.

May you seek the Lord's face with diligence and receive wisdom from Him for the way ahead. With Jesus we are expectantly looking forward to welcome you up there!!

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