Prophetic Words - April 2008
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April 2008

2008.04.26 Interpretation of Tongues

My children, let not your hope grow dim, let not your focus be moved away from My calling and My destiny for you. Let not your faith waiver at what you see and think you understand, but let your hope and your faith and your love be fixed in the truth of My reality, in the truth of My love for you, in the truth of My sincere and utter devotion to you. Understand and accept by faith My attitude of grace and of mercy and of joy towards you. Understand this thing: that I long to be united with you more than you long to be united with Me, and that My plans are perfect and My timing is perfect, and that I know that your hearts are calling out to Me with great passion and I hear the calling of your heart. I hear what you cannot even put into words, and I listen and I care and I do not allow it to pass Me by. I AM the Bridegroom Who bought you with His very own life and Who is coming to fetch you to be with Myself. I love you! I love you! I love you! How I love you, My bride! How I rejoice over you!

Die Here hoor elke versugting en sien elke traan wat val en dit word opgeteken in 'n boek en bring joy in die hemele. Moenie bang wees nie. Stap hierdie pad al is dit swaar. Die Here sal jou deurdra en jy sal jou loon ontvang.
(The Lord hears every sigh [yearning, cry of your heart] and sees every tear that falls, and it is being recorded in a book and brings joy in the heavens. Don't be afraid. Walk this road even if it is hard. The Lord will carry you through and you shall receive your reward.)