Prophetic Words - April 2010
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April 2010

2010.04.10 – Interpretation of tongues

And behold, says the Lord, have I not called you to be My very own? Have I not personally chosen each one of you? Have I not groomed you, formed you, planned your life from the start? Nothing, My children, happens to you as a chance factor. I am God. I know the number of your hairs, and truly, not one hair shall fall on the earth needlessly. Not one hair shall be lost, everyone shall be recompensed. My love for you has been from ever and shall be forever. There is not one second in which I lose sight of you, My children. Live by faith, not by feelings. Receive My word that I speak unto you, that I have spoken unto you through the years even. And remember and know that My word has not changed. Every word I speak shall be done, unless you reject it. So receive My word. Receive the seed of My word that I have sown. Let it be life unto you, let it grow, let it bear fruit. And as I have spoken unto you through the years I directed you, I led you, I guided you, and I am still doing it and I shall do it unto the end. So have peace in your circumstances. Look at My word I have spoken and not at the circumstances. If you believe My word you shall walk on water. If you believe My word the crows shall feed you if necessary. If you receive My love towards you no matter what your mind and your eyes and your circumstances tell you, that pleases Me. Anybody can believe when things are easy, or anybody can think that he believes. But I am testing your faith and I have been testing it all through the years. So receive it that I do this to My loved ones, not to My enemies, because I have great plans with you. And gold has to be melted, gold has to be formed, gold has to be hammered, gold has to be stretched to become something beautiful to behold. And that's what I'm doing with you, making of your life something beautiful for Me. So receive your circumstances with joy, not with fear. I am with you and I shall be with you in whatever might happen. No storm is big enough to take you out of My hands. It does not matter how high the waves will be, you shall walk on those waves, and the higher they are the higher you shall walk. So just bow before My Kingship in your lives and just love Me and just trust Me. And do not fear, I shall never test you above what you are able to bear, that I promise. I love you, My children. Peace to you, says the Lord.

2010.04.10 – Fellowship - Profetiese woord

Ek vat julle deur storms en deur die vuur, maar dis die einde wat saak maak. Hou goeie moed. Kyk op na My en Ek sal vir julle krag gee, al is dit net vir die volgende stap, al is dit net krag om op te staan, al is dit net krag om die dag te maak. Sit julle fokus op My en op My alleen. Laat alles wat binne julle is, alles op My gerig wees. Ek weet wat Ek doen. Ek skryf 'n hoofstuk, 'n bladsy, 'n sin in elkeen van julle se lewe. En uit julle uit sal daar 'n lewendige getuie kom, 'n lewendige woord, maar wees bereid om 'n lewendige offer te wees. Al word julle daagliks gekruisig, daar's oorwinning na die kruis en dis die ware oorwinning waarheen Ek julle wil vat. Ek sal met julle wees hier in die węreld. Laat julle lig skyn orals waar julle gaan. Straal My lig uit. Kry julle krag en julle energie en julle bron van My. Wend julleself na My toe en Ek sal julle beskerm. Ek sal julle behoed en bewaar. Let op julle pad, die pad wat julle geloop het. Ek was te alle tye by julle. Ek het julle behoed en Ek het julle bewaar. En elke prys en elke opoffering wat Ek van julle verlang, sien dit binne konteks van ewigheid. My vergoeding sal vir ewig vir julle wees. Vir ewig sal julle vergoed word vir wat julle tydelik opoffer en vir wat julle nou neerlę. En selfs dit wat Ek vir julle op die aarde gee, geniet dit. Geniet dit wat Ek selfs vir julle nou geskape het, hetsy My natuur, ja selfs die fisiese wat Ek aan julle gee. Geniet elke oomblik. Wees dankbaar in alles, klein of groot, want dit kom uit 'n Vaderhart vir julle. Dit is wat Ek vir julle wil gee. Koester alles wat Ek vir julle gee. Soek, soek My Koninkryk al betaal julle 'n prys daarvoor. Soek dit en uit julle uit sal suiwer waters vloei wat verfrissend sal wees vir julle en vir die mense om julle. En soos Ek julle meer suiwer, hetsy as persoon, hetsy as 'n groep, laat Ek die proses voltooi. Laat Ek klaar maak, laat Ek in julle werk. Gee julleself oor aan My, heeltemal. Moenie terughou nie. Gee oor, want by My stry julle die ware stryd. En al word julle vervolg en al ly julle vir My Naam is dit soveel meer die moeite werd as wat julle vir die węreld sal ly. Wees My slaaf en nie die węreld s'n nie. Wees My dienskneg en nie die węreld s'n nie. Wees My arbeider, en Ek is die bron van alles, in die fisiese en in die geestelike. Laat Ek julle toerus, laat Ek julle beklee. Staan vas in My. Ek sal julle bene versterk. Ek sal vir julle energie gee. Ek sal julle toerus. Laat My toe om die finale skepping in alles in julle lewe KLAAR TE MAAK.

(Prophetic word - I take you through storms and through the fire, but it is the end that matters. Be of good courage. Look up to Me and I will give you strength, even if it is only enough for the next step, the strength to get up, to make it through the day. Put your focus on Me and Me only. Let all that is within you be focused on Me. I know what I'm doing. I am writing a chapter, a page, a sentence in each of your lives. And out of you will come a living testimony, a living word, but be willing to be a living sacrifice. Even if you are being crucified daily, there is victory after the cross and this is the real victory I want to take you to. I will be with you here in the world. Let your light shine everywhere you go. Radiate My light. Get your strength and your energy and your source from Me. Turn to Me and I will protect you. I cover you and keep you. Take note of the path you have travelled. I have been with you at all times. I have protected you. And every price and every sacrifice that I ask of you, see it in context of eternity. My compensation for you will be forever. Forever you will be recompensed for what you have sacrificed temporarily and for what you lay down now. And even that which I give you on earth, enjoy it. Enjoy that which I have created for you even now, whether it be My nature, yes even the physical things I give you. Enjoy every moment. Be thankful in everything - big or small - because it comes out of a Father heart for you. It is what I want to give to you. Cherish everything I give you. Seek, seek My Kingdom even if you pay a price for it. Seek it and out of you will flow pure water that will be refreshing to you and the people around you. And as I purify you more, whether it be as a person or a group, let Me complete the process. Let Me finish, let Me work in you. Surrender yourselves to Me, completely. Don't hold back. Surrender, because with Me you fight the real fight. And even if you are being persecuted and even if you suffer for My Name, it is much more worth it than suffering for the world. Be My slave, not the world's. Be My servant and not that of the world. Be My worker, and I am the source of everything, in the physical and in the spiritual. Let Me equip you, let Me clothe you. Stand firm in Me. I will strengthen your legs. I will give you energy. I will equip you. Allow Me to FINISH the final creation in everything in your lives.)