Prophetic Words - August 2008
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August 2008

2008.08.09 Profetiese Woord na Talesang (Prophetic Word after Singing in Tongues)

Daar is niks wat My soveel plesier verskaf as wanneer julle lofliedere tot My eer sing nie. Ek is vir julle baie lief.
(Nothing gives me as much pleasure as when you sing songs of praise to Me. I love you very much.)

I rejoice over you My bride. I rejoice over you with gladness!

Look up! Look up for your redemption is near!

2008.08.02 Interpretation of Tongues

For the day of the Lord is coming and it's burning like a fire. Let your focus be turned to My coming kingdom. Let your attention be fixed upon My glory to come. Let your joy exceed in the knowledge of My victory and be not saddened because of all the turmoil on the earth, because of falsehood and wrongdoing for the day of My vengeance is near and My righteousness shall supersede all the present unrighteousness and My glory shall be affirmed unto the heavens. Behold, I have made you Mine and chosen you as part of My army of victory. I have consecrated you, given you a new name, given you a destiny at My side. Receive these promises. Live by them, full of joy not full of fear, full of the peace of My presence and My calling on your life, of My destiny that I have for you. Be not afraid of the threats of this world. Satan is cringing before you and you are victorious over him in My Name, for when I am with you no power of the enemy shall stand against you. But be patient, My children, be patient, for everything has a perfect time and a perfect place. I will not allow you to mess things up by being in control of this time, but I understand because I've been a man with all the weakness you have. Therefore be patient and wait upon Me in trust. Trust Me in My timing and in My planning. But know this once again that great and glorious things are awaiting you if you keep on trusting Me and if you keep on focusing your lives and your attention and your hope on Me. I love you, each one of you, says the Lord.