Prophetic Words - August 2009
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August 2009

2009.08.22 Prophetic Word

Long before you knew Me I have known you. Long before you loved Me I have loved you. Long before you gave your life to Me I have given My life for you. I have known you from the beginning, from before there was time. And those who have become Mine, you shall be Mine until there is no time. For eternity shall you be with Me, next to Me, together with Me. I call you into My Kingdom, I call into My fellowship, I call you into My eternal and perfect love and care and friendship and joy and peace and grace and mercy. I have selected you, I have groomed you and I am busy finishing what I have started. So have no fear, have no trepidation, have no uncertainty as to your standing in My eyes, in My sight, in Me. Receive it, simply receive it. Receive the grace I want to bestow upon you. Receive the perfection of My salvation I have prepared and accomplished for you. I do not need your performance. I do not need great things and great deeds from you. What I want from you is pure unadulterated love. What I want from you is to open your arms wide and to receive My grace. And I want to assure you tonight, My children, that it is true I know how many hairs are on your head, I know everything that happens to you. Nothing is wasted, nothing will be wrong, but you need to turn to Me and you need to put your trust and to keep your trust in Me. And know then also that I give you the consolation that I, even I, shall eradicate all evil on this earth. I shall bring in My righteousness and My Kingdom, and the meek shall inherit the earth and there shall be an abundance of peace and joy. And the scepter of My Kingdom is a scepter of righteousness. So do not fret yourself because of evildoers for their time is short, and I see all things. Leave it with Me, for vengeance is Mine, says the Lord. I love you.