Prophetic Words - August 2010
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August 2010

2010.08.07 Interpretation of tongues

With all of My being, says the Lord, with all of who I am, with all My love, with all My almighty power am I reaching out to you and have I been reaching out to you and will I envelop you unto all eternity, says the Lord. You are truly covered by My grace and My mercy. I truly know how many hairs are on your head. Do not underestimate My power and do not underestimate the joy I have with you. Do not underestimate the greatness of My calling that I have for you. Know that I am truly able to know of every single swallow that falls to the ground, know that I am also able to even stop that and know that I will. Because when the perfection of My creation comes into being death shall be swallowed up by life and all the harshness of this present nature shall disappear. I am leading you onwards step by step, day by day on a path known by Me, not known by you, not understood by you, but it is known by Me and it is understood by Me the path of creation to create in you My bride, to create in you eternal joy for which My son, Jesus, died on the cross. Knowing the great, great price My son has paid for you, understand a little bit of the value you have in My eyes. Understand the seriousness of the path I walk with you. I shall not relent from it, I shall not relent from doing what is necessary to be done. And everything I do is done in love and has that eternal and great calling and purpose in mind. So follow the road I open up to you. Do not question My good intentions towards you. Do not think that I enjoy allowing difficult things in your lives. Do not expect that I will make everything difficult for you in the future. Trust Me, not only as your loving, caring Father but also as your Creator who is creating you, forming you, molding you into the perfect bride for My son, Jesus. Allow Me to do the work. If you should rebel, if you should start distrusting Me in My ways with you, you shall lose what I had in mind for you. You can never deserve what I am giving you, but you can cast it aside. Do not do that. And therefore do I give you all these words, and therefore I go to great lengths to show you, to tell you, to coax you to carry on and to trust Me in all circumstances. Let Me finish the work I have started in you. I have everything in hand. And even this whole wide world with all its futility and pain and death is just temporary. I shall change all that. But it is in this world of toil and suffering and death that I am forming My bride. It is in these adverse circumstances that I am creating the beautiful thing. O My children, I encourage you again and I give you the hope and the future which not only is wonderful, but which is not that far ahead. I want you to focus on Me and to focus on every step in the road whilst knowing that there is a great and wonderful calling awaiting you. Do not focus on any shortcut to the endpoint. I shall not be too late in coming. I shall not act wrongly by you. I love you. I said it many times and I shall not stop saying it. I love you, and I am love. So have no fear and no trepidation. Be still and quiet in Me and look and see what I will do, and look and expect wonderful surprises awaiting you. Do not anticipate what I am going to do next, but expect and know that I am going to do good things day by day, with you, through you, in you, because I love you dearly, says the Lord.