Prophetic Words - December 2008
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December 2008

2008.12.06 - Interpretation of Tongues

Oh My children, says the Lord, have I not ever been to you a Father who really cares? Who protects, who guides and who loves you no matter what you ever did? And I have brought you thus far, says the Lord, and I will take you through to the end. I will not leave you now. I will be true to My nature. I will do what I know has to be done. But not one of you need to fear that I will leave you on your own. Not one need to fear that I will abandon you to your own designs, to your own wisdom, to your own worth. That's why I sent My Son, to be in your stead what you can never be. I have loved you with an everlasting love, and thus will I love you forever. I have purposed you, My children, for the greatest calling that man can envisage. And I am sending you the message that I am sending My Son to fetch you, His Bride. Lift up your eyes, see that your redemption draws nigh. Abandon all fear. Abandon everything within you that tend to look at yourselves, that tend to evaluate your worth to Me. You cannot evaluate it. Your worth for Me was enough for My Son to die on the cross, you cannot evaluate the value of that. Just accept My love. Just accept your standing in My eyes. Just accept that you are favoured ones in the eyes of the Almighty, and cling to Me. Put all your trust and all your faith and all your hope in Me and in the completed work of My Son. And receive the peace of the knowledge of your future in Jesus. I love you more than any father can ever love and I always will, says the Lord.