Prophetic Words - February 2008
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February 2008

2008.02.16 Prophetic Word

I am still the Lord God Almighty, says the Lord. I am still the One who opens prison doors, I am still the One who heals the sick, Who gives sight to the blind, Who even raises the dead. Never do I speak a word and not fulfill it. Never do I say one thing and do another. Therefore know assuredly that every promise I have ever made you, I will fulfill. Your hope and your faith is not in vain. You will see the glory of the Lord God manifest in your midst. So then trust in Me and have peace, for I am in complete control. I love you, My children! I love you with such a tender heart and I really mean you only good. Have then peace in Me. Let go every fear. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. I AM for you, I AM with you and I do love you! And I AM coming soon, says the Lord God.

2008.02.16 Interpretation of Tongues (In song on melody of Amazing Grace)

I know My own and I will never leave you,
I know all your needs and all your fears.
My eyes are upon you unto all eternity,
I have chosen you as My own.

And I care for everyone who has become Mine,
I will never ever forget about you,
I love you with tender care, My son.
Be quiet in My presence and love.

I present to you My peace and My joy,
Be quiet in My presence, My child,
And know that I will never ever leave or forsake you.
I know you, I love you, I am your God.