Prophetic Words - February 2009
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February 2009

2009.02.28 Prophetic Word

Indeed I am pleased with you, says the Lord. Indeed I am well pleased with you. I love the yearning of your heart for in it I see reflected My own yearning. But not for long, says the Lord. Not for long then we will be united in full. Take heart, says the Lord, for the time is at hand.

2009.02.21 Interpretation of Tongues

Have I not told you so many times that you are not to fear, that you are not to look in trepidation at the world and its affairs, that you are not to concern yourself about this world and its falling apart; that your eyes and your mind the focus of your being must be upon Me, upon My coming Kingdom, My coming glory, My victory that has already been assured on the cross. So command yourself, do not look at this world, do not be concerned about it. That is My concern. But you be concerned with Me and with My coming that is very near. Forsake those efforts to understand or to try to understand. Forsake all those own opinions and ideas as to what should happen and what should not happen, as to when should it happen and when not. Be still and know that I am God and I shall be exalted in this earth, and I shall be exalted among the nations, and I shall be exalted in your lives. And I shall glorify and bring to pass every word I've spoken. So be at peace in the knowledge, in this one knowledge that I am God and that I love you and that I am with you and that I understand you, and I know all things about you and nothing you can do today can catch Me be surprise because I've known about it already long ago. I know all things from the beginning. And having known all things I have chosen you and made you Mine, taken delight in you. I am still taking delight in you. So be like clay in My hands and let Me bring you into the glory of My Kingdom. Let Me bring you into the glory and the joy of My presence. I shall do it. The time is at hand, says the Lord.