Prophetic Words - February 2012
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February 2012

2012.02.11 Prophetic Word

I love you, My children, you are My chosen ones. You are in the centre of My eye, you are in the centre of My will as I have developed everything concerning you. Trust Me for that. I am not only able, I am willing. Because you have given your lives to Me. I control all things concerning you. Nothing, not the smallest thing, escapes My attention. So carry on and complete the race I have set you on. The direction you have taken is from Me, is pleasing to Me even though it does not really make sense. Just be willing, My children, to walk step by step the way I indicate, or even the way you are forced to go, because I am guiding your steps. And accept it that way with joy and with thanksgiving. Let the reality of My love towards you be to you guidance and a consolation when your way goes along paths that you cannot understand. Know, really know, that I love you. And trust Me, really trust Me, not accepting any thoughts of failure, of irresponsibility, of fear, of feeling neglected. Do not allow those thoughts, My children, they are not worthy of you, they are not worthy of Me. I really love you and when you really trust Me there will be no place in your thoughts for thoughts like that. As I have said, I will say again: Be at peace in the sure knowledge of My Fatherhood, the sure knowledge that I am your Lord. I love you. You are on the perfect way that I have planned and am executing. And then I will give you the assurance again that I have called you. Be unto Me the bride the Father has prepared to be joined with Me in glory and in eternal love and joy. That is your destiny. Carry on, step by step till you reach that destiny. It is not far. I love you, says the Lord.