Flight to Heaven
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Flight to Heaven

Quietly He enters
Gently He beckons
His peace flooding the room
His light shining so bright
The ultimate question

Will you come away, My bride?
Come away with Me?
Do you choose Me, do you love Me?
Are you waiting and ready?
I've paid the price, I've given My life.

In a moment, a huge silent moment
She looks into His eyes
His eyes of glorious love
His glory so very, very great
This moment she has been waiting for
Waiting for for so long, it felt like forever
She smiles, a smile of surrender
Of relief and joy
A smile of peace, oh what release!
She is so in love, in love forever

Finally, finally
He has come, He has come!, she sings
For a brief second she says goodbye
Goodbye to all she knows,
Goodbye to the world
She greets His love with all that she is
He takes her hand
And so begins the flight to heaven

Enveloped by His glory
Wrapped in His love
Gently she is lifted by angel hands,
Somewhere she hears the praise and joy of angel choirs
And a vast multitude of birds singing,
Greeting the sunset in her life
The morning of eternity
Joy of joys, in wonderful peace
She is forever united
With her true love, her Husband,
The Messiah, Jesus Christ!