Prophetic Words - January 2008
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January 2008

2008.01.26 Prophetic Word

Persevere, says the Lord. Persevere on the road you are on knowing that I, even I, have put you on that road. As I have said before I will say again, you need not understand the road, you cannot anticipate the road, indeed you must not. But you must persevere on that road, knowing that I am with you, knowing that I have put you on that road, knowing that I have determined the outcome of that road, knowing My outcome is good, that My outcome is glory, is joy in the fullness of My presence, knowing that I am the One awaiting you at the end of that road. So walk the road, run the race, persevere trusting Me. I am with you, I have designed the course of your lives and it is a perfect design. Persevere to the end and you shall understand everything and I shall be there to meet you with joy, with glory and with love. I am longing for you to be united with Me in all fullness.

2008.01.19 Interpretation of Tongues

My children, I speak to you as to My precious ones. I speak unto you with the true love of a Father. I also speak unto you as your Lord, as your King. And both in My Lordship and in My Kingship is My relationship with you one of love and not one of force. My attitude towards you is always one of compassion, is always one of tenderness, but My children, that does not make Me weak. My Word says, 'Be still and know that I am God'. I will do whatever I please, I will do it when and how and where I please. And even in what may appear unto you as harshness, as hardness it is always tender love and care. Because My children, I look into all eternity in whatever I do. And therefore accept My ways with you and therefore be quiet in My presence, and therefore really, really trust Me. And even when your mind and your commonsense tell you that what I am doing is incomprehensible and seems to be harsh and without love, then remember these words that I AM love I cannot do otherwise and I shall not do otherwise. And therefore rely upon My love, rely upon My tenderness, rely upon My character and also rely and know assuredly that I AM God and I AM the Almighty and I am the One deciding, in the end, everything. I have chosen and I have called you in all your weakness, in all your smallness. I have called you, individually and as a group with a very, very high calling. I have determined to make you Mine and My children, I have called you to be with Me as overcomers. I have called you and I am going to great lengths to prepare you to be ready for the day I come to fetch My bride, for the day I come to fetch those who are ready. And many of the difficult things that you have experienced and are yet experiencing in your lives is because I am busy preparing you, is because I am busy loosening you from the bonds of the world, is because I care for you so deeply for you to be Mine. And I have made these choices even before you've ever known Me. So also tonight receive My love, receive My tenderness, receive My presence and keep on trusting Me for I have a good plan for each one of you. I love you.

2008.01.12 Prophetic Word

I will never leave you, says the Lord. I will never forget about you. I will not forsake you. Listen not to the voice of your enemy, because he is a liar from the beginning, he is the father of lies. He will always try to put doubt in your mind. He will always try to portray Me as being unfaithful, unloving, uncaring, even hateful. No, My child! No, My child, I am your ever caring, ever loving Father, Saviour and Friend. I know about everything concerning you. If it seems to you as if I do not do a thing, that is what Satan would want you to believe. Remember that I work in mysterious ways. Remember that I often work in darkness and where you cannot see. In winter time the tree spreads its roots under the ground where you don't see it, but without that happening there will never be any fruit on that tree. Trust Me in My ways with you. Trust Me in the way that I lovingly care for you. Trust Me with every difficult thing that I allow in your path. It doesn't merely happen because I am God it happens by design. Never feel yourself, never feel yourself forsaken by Me, because I have promised that I will never forsake you. So take hold of this and cling to this truth no matter what. Rather believe what I tell you than to believe the silly voice in your own mind telling you otherwise. Rather believe the truth that I've given you than to believe the reasonings of your own mind which is very puny indeed. My ways are so much higher that your ways. And even so, My child, My love for you is so much higher than you can ever imagine. So wait for it, allow Me to do My work, and wait for the glory that will follow if you submit to My workings in you. So remember that I shall most certainly never leave you and never forsake you. I am forever your loving, caring Father, Saviour and Friend.