Prophetic Words - January 2009
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January 2009

2009.01.24 - Interpretation of Tongues

Unto freedom have I called you, My children, My own. Freedom only I can give. Freedom from the stranglehold of the world, of the flesh, of sin, of death, of illness, of iniquity, of foolishness, of pride, of prejudice. Freedom, complete freedom in Me, to walk in love, to walk in peace, in joy, in long suffering, in kindness, in goodness, in freedom of My Spirit. Not the bondages of law, not the bondages of prescriptions, of condemnation. Not the bondages of being good enough and to remain good enough. Not the bondages of people around you judging and you listening to that. Listen to Me. Look at Me. I am the way and the truth and the life. In Me there is freedom, in Me there is forgiveness. In My there is understanding. Raise your soul to Me. Be fed by Me. In all circumstances ask My opinion, not the opinion of man. And know that I hold the future. I determine your future. I will protect you and I will keep you. I will never forget about you. I will never be busy elsewhere leaving you on your own. I am there for you. In these days especially, I am there for you. So reach out and touch Me. Reach out in faith and seek My will, seek My face, seek My opinion. And know that My dealings towards you are grace. It does not consist of loads upon loads of responsibilities, and of being something, of being better, of being good enough. Instead it is an openness of faith in receiving My grace towards you. I have grace enough. Receive it and let your attitude towards Me not be to be good enough, but let it be a love that transcends your own requirements. Just love Me with what you have. I desire your love. I desire your hearts to be tuned to Me, and then you shall walk in the freedom that I give you. And My children, the freedom I have for you up ahead, is so great that your minds cannot conceive it. And therefore I also tell you, so that you can rejoice, and that your joy may be full. So look towards Me and receive My freedom, not My bondage, and be joyful in Me knowing that great, great things are awaiting you just around the corner. I love you and I care deeply for you. Remember that, says the Lord.