Prophetic Words - January 2010
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January 2010

2010.01.09 Interpretation of tongues

I have called you, says the Lord, as a holy people unto Myself and I have undertaken to make you holy. I have undertaken to do everything on your behalf, things I know that you cannot do by yourself. I have loved you, says the Lord, long before you were born, and forever shall I love you because I have given you eternal life together with Myself. And I have led you as a group and have been leading you for a long, long time. I have gathered you together because I have a holy purpose with you, and I have guided you and taught you along the way and I have not brought you to a point of nothing, I am bringing you to the point of the greatest glory there is for man. And therefore My word to you is to persevere and to rejoice in anticipation of what is to come. My word to you is to seek My face constantly, not even once or twice a day but constantly, to live in My presence and to start feeling the joy that is filling heaven at this moment, to live in the joy that is to come and to have a sure tread and enthusiasm and energy along the way because of the joy that is set before you. Do not look at the world with its problems, with its darkness, with its unrighteousness, with its pain. Do not fill your mind with bad thoughts, fill your mind with good thoughts. Ponder and meditate on what is praiseworthy and noble and good. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. And as you walk this way simply following Me the way I dictate, the way I often force you along a certain path as you follow this way you shall reach your destination safely because I am with you and I shall complete holiness with you and in you, and I shall perfectly finish what I have started with you. There are not that many paces left, My beloved. So keep on day by day until I come. I love you, says the Lord.