Prophetic Words - January 2012
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January 2012

2012.01.26 Interpretation of tongues

My children, without Me you can do nothing. But know this thing this morning that I have known all things right from the start, and I have planned all things and all things are under My command and My control. And I certainly do not intend for this world with all its billions to go to hell. I have a plan and a purpose which I am fulfilling also in your life and through your life. My glory shall be seen in all the utmost parts of this earth and My Name shall be in honor and shall be honored by every pair of lips on this earth. What the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, what cannot be conceived by the human mind have I prepared for those who love Me. I intend, says the Lord, for you to be part of a move of proportions that you cannot imagine and I shall reach everyone on this earth. Do not belittle Me in your thoughts by even thinking I cannot do this thing. But then again we have to wait, you have to wait, till the moment arrives. You cannot bring in a harvest before it is ripe. And I am the Lord of the harvest and I will send you out and send you forth and you shall bring in the sheaves with great rejoicing. Set your minds and your hearts on Me and then also do what your hand finds to do, but wait upon Me, says the Lord, because My glory shall be seen and I shall display it and heaven and earth shall see it and be astounded. But do not despair and do not do your own thing. Wait upon Me and be part of My great move that is coming soon. I love you, says the Lord.