Prophetic Words - July 2010
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July 2010

2010.07.24 Interpretation of tongues

I am with you as I have promised you, says the Lord. I am with you and I shall never leave you. I have planned your life from the start to the finish. And I have good plans for you. If you trust Me it is My plans that will fulfill in your life. If you distrust Me then shall My plans not come to fulfillment. Therefore I beseech you to put your trust in Me, to set your heart on Me, to turn your eyes toward Me, to relinquish your life unto Me, to allow Me to work out your life, your circumstances the way I know to be the best. Do not insist on having things your way. Your way is the way of the flesh and it leads to death. I have told you in My word that as high as the heavens are above the earth so high are My thoughts above your thoughts and My ways above your ways. My children, you cannot understand My ways, you simply need to trust. And if your expectations are way different of what the reality eventually is, then trust Me to keep you, then trust Me to create within you the correct expectation, then trust Me to use within you those expectations you have, trust Me to let all things work together for good, for your good. But know this: that I am never playing games with you and though you might become confused, and though you might come into an emotional turmoil, I use these things, says the Lord. So trust Me, My children, and wait upon Me right unto the end. And I shall lead you into glory, because that is what I destined you for not glory on this earth, but eternal glory. I love you.

2010.07.31 Interpretation of tongues

Behold, says the Lord, I have good plans with you. I've had those plans from before the foundation of the world. The same way I have decided to create birds and reindeer and cows and tortoises, the same way I have decided to create ducks and swans, the same way have I decided to create in you My bride. And from the beginning unto the end has this been My design for you, with you, in you. And so many times have I expressed My love towards you, My favor towards you, My special joy with you. And yes, you cannot see what I can see and therefore oftentimes you reject yourself and sometimes you even reject My words towards you because you cannot really equate with the greatness of what I have made known unto you, what I plan to do with you, through you, in you. But above all I plan for you to be Mine, just Mine, forever. Take these words as encouragement. Do not look at what you see, but listen to My words towards you, listen when I tell you that you are My bride. Listen when I tell you that I have good plans with you, listen and receive when I tell you that I love you and that I care for you and that I am with you always. So be at peace and be joyful for My planning is perfect and My timing is perfect because I know the end from the beginning and I shall not be late in coming. I shall not be late in receiving you to Myself. And if you let Me, I shall not come for an unfinished product. So this once again I tell you that I love you. Wait for Me, says the Lord.


My children, you have waited for a long, long time for the greater flow of My Spirit to be to you as a real river of living water even in your midst. You have prayed for and asked Me so many times to be equipped with the fullness of My Spirit, that you may be the source of healing and of wisdom and of deliverance out of all the power and the bonds of the evil one. That you may be instruments of My power, showing and ministering My glory to a world that has fallen into the darkness of iniquity. That you may usher in the riches and the beauty and the glory of My Kingdom. To be My servants indeed, having been equipped to go forth in My Name, saying "Thus says the LORD" with the true and full authority due to My Name. To bring healing where there is sickness and to bring peace where there is strife. To bring the light of My presence where there is darkness and to bring My freedom where there is pain. To bring deliverance out of all the power of darkness. You have asked Me and you have waited for it. And now, My little children, know that your time of waiting is nearly over. Remain true to your calling, for I love you dearly, and I have chosen you and considered you worthy for the road I am leading and guiding you on at the present time. And once you have completed this walk, you shall be led forth into the glorious light of My presence, where there shall be no further limits to your walk and your vision; to the power of My Spirit working in and through you. Thus I beseech you, My children, and thus I exhort you and also encourage you: Keep on until the very end, for all your prayers have been answered and you shall receive what I have in store for you as you finish this part of your race. And you shall go on to greater heights than you ever thought possible, walking there and reigning there in the power of My Name, having been equipped with the fullness of My Spirit.