Prophetic Words - June 2009
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June 2009

2009.06.20 - Interpretation of Tongues

You are Mine, says the Lord. It is you whom I have chosen even before the foundation of the world. It is you whom I have made Mine. I have called you in holiness. I have foreordained you to be children of God. I have sanctified you in My blood. I have written My Name on you and I shall glorify you in due time and I shall never, never forget those who are Mine. You are ever before Me. In the smallest detail of your lives you are before Me. In the deepest thoughts of your heart you are before Me. I know you. I also know your fears, your anxieties. I also know your hopes and your dreams. I am not impervious to your needs and desires, and yet in your lives I shall be God and I shall be in control and not you. And this is not done for any other reason but out of the love of My heart towards you. And in due course, when you are with Me in glory, shall you see all things and shall you understand all things. Until then, My children, you cannot. I have not equipped you with a brain and with the possibility of understanding spiritual things. You have to simply believe and to simply carry on believing. You have to simply know and clearly know who I am in your lives and live accordingly. You have to know My character and you have to stake your life upon the truth and on the faithfulness of who I am. Nothing less will really satisfy Me. Allow Me to finish the work that I have started. Persevere until the end. Relinquish control of your lives and keep on doing that. Trust Me in this thing. Trust Me in all things in your life, that I shall perfect everything that concerns you, because I have chosen you, because I have known you from the beginning and because I have an eternal inheritance for you. I have eternal plans for you. I have eternal joy with you. And I want you to be overcomers. I want you to be there as My bride when I come to fetch you. I want you to be awake, wide awake, eagerly awaiting Me. This is why I have said this so many times and so clearly in My word. So take heed to this and never judge it lightly. If I have said again and again and again: 'Be watchful, be awake lest I come suddenly and find you sleeping' it is a serious word, My children. So listen and do that and I shall be with you. There is not a single thing in your lives in which I shall not be there to keep you, to protect you, to provide for you, to do all things necessary so that you shall be Mine in glory forever. I love you, says the Lord.