Prophetic Words - June 2010
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June 2010

2010.06.19 Interpretation of tongues

For you are My hidden ones, says the Lord. You have I called, have I chosen, have I groomed to be My special people. For years and years yet have I made known unto you My calling and the joy of My Kingdom, and am I still, even at this moment, assuring you of the joy that lies ahead, am I encouraging you to keep your eyes focused on the glory that lies ahead. Do not lose hope and do not lose faith in what I have made known unto you up to this point. Just because things did not work out the way you thought it would does not imply that I told you lies. I am with you. I am the God of truth and of love and of faithfulness. I shall perform My every word in your midst. I shall not hand you over to the world or to Satan. You are Mine. And I intend to supernaturally protect you every step of the way, and I intend to transfer you into My presence, into My very presence for eternity. This I have made known unto you and I change not. So keep hope and keep up your faith in Me, and in My word, and in what I have made known unto you even through visions and dreams. And wait upon Me day by day. You need not understand how things will happen, you just need to understand that it shall happen. You need not know the times and the seasons, but you can know and you should know that My word is true and that what I've said shall come to pass. And you should also know that I am aware of the limitations on your side. I know your weaknesses. I do not plan to crush you, I plan to lift you up. I've never promised that I would give you a bed of roses in this world for you need to go through trials and tribulations. But I am there with you and I shall always be with you in them and through them. And I do not allow any trial or any tribulation on you apart from My total dedicated love and care and tenderness. The time is short, maybe shorter than you think. But enjoy every day, walking with Me, seeing what I do. Do not fear. Your destiny at My side has been determined. Take My hand and follow the way I'm leading. Rather than worrying about the future, enjoy your present. And I shall guide you and I shall protect you, and I shall provide for you every step of the way until you reach your destiny. So forsake every preconceived idea as to what, and when, and where and how I am coming, and just know that I will come and the glory of it shall be greater than anything you could have imagined. So glory awaits you, My children. And even enjoy being My hidden ones. I do not yet put you on a pedestal. It is not My intention for the world to know about you. You are Mine. And once I have taken you to glory, yes you shall be with Me in glory forever. And glory and being well-known is not your calling on this earth. Your calling here is to know Me, to trust Me, to really trust Me, to love Me and to obey Me in whatever I tell you to do. I love you, says the Lord.