Prophetic Words - March 2008
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March 2008

2008.03.29 Prophetic Word

My children, again and again will I tell you, once again will I reaffirm My love towards you, will I reaffirm My friendship towards you and do I affirm My good intentions towards you. Once again will I tell you that I have good plans for you, not bad ones. Once again will I encourage you to run this race right to the end, to set your eyes and your heart on Me, to refuse to be misled by the enemy and to take up other interests that will take your heart away from Me. Whatever you do, do it unto Me and unto Me only. These, My children, are serious times. My coming is at hand. Therefore, be ready and waiting for your Master is at the door. Do not be caught unawares, do not become busy with things of this world in such a fashion that it will take your heart and your mind away from Me. I am a jealous God and it is because I love you with a complete love. Be Mine now, that you should be Mine forever. I love you, says your God. Wait for Me.

2008.03.23 Interpretation of Tongues

Oh, My beloved, have I not carefully chosen every one of you? Have I not known you even when I hung on the cross? Have I not carefully protected you in all of your ways? Have I not supernaturally kept you from death and injury when Satan, My adversary, would have it otherwise? Have I not dedicated My attention to you and to those things that concern you? Have I not loved you right from the start? Shall I ever stop loving you? Your destiny is with Me. Be assured of this thing that My longing for you is greater than your longing for Me. Be assured that I am not about to leave you in the lurch, that I am not about to bring you to excitement and then leave you, that I am not about to stop things halfway through birth. I am not about to frustrate you and to test you beyond what you are able to take. My love for you is too great. So know that I have your good interests at heart. Know that I am shaping you and molding you carefully to be the exact object of My pride and of My joy and if it is necessary for another one or two things that need to be added to you, that need to be finalized, for the detail to be brought out then trust Me with this, then believe Me that I say I love you even though I might subject you to unpleasant things. So know that your future has been secured by My decree, by My choice. Know that you are being groomed for eternal kingship with Me, for eternal fellowship and love towards Me. So allow Me to finish the work and let your joy be full and let your peace be to overflowing because you certainly are in My hands, in the hands of God your Saviour, in the hands of the holy One Who created all things, in the hands of Him Who gave Himself for you. Do not underestimate that I've paid this big price for you I was willing to pay this price because you are worth to Me this and much more. And I do not say this for you to become proud, I say this for you to realize and to accept finally accept My love for you and to rest in My love. Peace to you, My beloved.

2008.03.15 Prophetic Word

Behold, says the Lord, I, even I, am your God. I, even I, have chosen you before you were born and I know you. I, the Almighty, pay full attention to you and to your life. I am involved in everything that concerns you. I know everything you do, I know your every thought, I know your every desire and I know the longing in your heart to meet Me, to be with Me. My children, that pleases Me so much. And therefore you may be sure and you may be certain that I shall not leave that need unattended to, because it is the desire of My heart for you to be where I am. That is why I have given My life total victory, total victory over all the power of the enemy total, complete and eternal victory; joy, peace, freedom, healing, never ending fulfillment. Forever shall you be with Me, by My side. And forever shall we have joy and fulfillment in all that we do. So My children, you have no idea what I have install for you. All those things in your heart that shimmer through, where you experience the joy or the desire of creation, of things that you know that would really make you happy, those are the things that are waiting to be fulfilled in totality when you are with Me. What the ear has not heard, what the eye has not seen, what the mind could not conceive have I laid in store for you things of great joy, of great happiness, of great fulfillment. And therefore My children, I admonish you set your hearts and your minds on Me that I might fulfill the desires of your heart. I love you.