Prophetic Words - May 2007
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May 2007

2007.05.26 Interpretation of Tongues

Behold My children, yeah I have become a Father unto you and I have fore-ordained you from before the foundation of the world - even then I have known your name, each one of you, even then I have known the paths your lives would take. My children, you cannot comprehend these things, not yet, but wait and you shall, because I will lift you to heights never known before, I will lift you to walk with Me on the holy mountain, I fore-ordained each one of you to be Mine into all eternity, and I shall equip you to be like Me and to understand things like Me. Then you shall understand that it is easy to know the future in advance, then you shall understand how I loved you from the start, having known all your life. Know then, and know assuredly, that each one of you is well-known by Me, has been from ever since and shall be for evermore. Know that you are cared for by the Almighty. Know that you are never alone. Know that you need not fight life's problems, you need simply trust Me. You need to be reckless enough to let your own understanding go and to trust Mine instead. You need to really trust and love Me. So bow before My ways, accept My ways for you and do not accept the lie from the enemy that My way for you is born out of hate or out of neglect, for it IS born out of love. Once you understand My love is endless and will never stop and will never be separated from you, then you can understand that even though you don't understand what I'm doing you can understand that it is done in love. Then you can trust Me and then the victory shall be assured. My children, I say again unto you, I love you, each one of you. I know your names, each one of you. You are precious to Me, every one of you. Just love Me in total trust, abandoning your own understanding, clinging to Me like a small child does to his father. I have great plans for you which I am about to put into effect. So take this step of total trust so that I might attain the fullness of My plans and purposes in your life. Thus says God, your Father.