Prophetic Words - May 2010
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May 2010

2010.05.22 Interpretation of tongues

My blessed and beloved children, I am looking upon you with favor and with joy and with love the same complete love with which I was willing to sacrifice Myself on the cross. Never, ever despair of My ways with you. Never, ever doubt My love for you. You have become Mine, I have become yours. My being is dedicated to you to bring you to fulfillment, a total integral part of My whole creation, with you in the center of My glory, with Me to all eternity. Do not therefore look at yourselves as you see yourselves now, but look at Me, says the Lord. Drink in this love and favor that I have towards you, knowing that I, even I, have deserved on your behalf whatever you need. I left nothing to you to deserve, except for you to receive My favor I give you. So never, ever reject what I promise you, what I want to give you, because I will not force it on you. So simply come in My presence, live in My presence, live in My complete acceptance of you. I want you, My children, to dedicate your lives. I want you to live for Me, not in order to deserve but because I want it. I want you to give to Me. I want it. I do not want you to live your lives in order to get something. I am about to give you all things, to keep nothing back. So just bow to My ways and know I am in complete control. And know that nothing happens to you accidentally. It is your choice to turn your face towards Me, it's your choice to receive My grace and My favor and My love. It's your choice to live for Me always. My promises shall not fail. And what I present to you I shall not take back. My desire for you is to enter My fullness for I have already deserved it for you , I have already given it to you. Enter it by choosing and living for it. I shall guide you all the way, right through to the end, says the Lord. Do not despair. Do not decide from your side what I should do or not do, but live towards Me in this attitude of being loved, being My favored ones. Receive it and live for Me because that is My desire. I love you, says the Lord. Keep holding on and keep looking up, expecting Me to come at any second. I am coming to you. I am coming to fetch you to Me. Do not despair of it. In the end you shall see the perfect plan that has been designed on your behalf, says the Lord.