Prophetic Words - November 2007
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November 2007

2007.11.17 Interpretation of Tongues

My child, I have not forgotten you, I have not forgotten about you. I know the totality of the circumstances you are in and there is nothing that can happen with you or to you or through you that I cannot arrange to the minutest detail. I am not the author of bad things, for I am a good God. Everything I do is good and one day soon you shall look back on your life and see it, but now you cannot understand it. You are not even supposed to understand. What I desire from you, My child, is faith incomprehensible to the mind, madness to the world but utter reckless faith in your loving God, your loving Father, your loving Master and Friend. So My child, know that I have not forgotten about you and I never, ever shall. Every circumstance in your life will I use, will I apply to My glory, but it shall be unto you an eternal gain and joy. Very soon you shall jump for joy and you shall thank Me continuously for every hard thing I've allowed in your life. Yes, My child, what I want from you is to even now rejoice, also for the hard things in your life. Do not try to understand, just love Me and know that I have not forgotten about you. Know that I am involved in your circumstances. Know that I am the author of good things, not bad things. I shall carry you through and I shall not allow any test to be above what you are able to do. I love you, My child, and I am with you always as your Almighty Friend. Peace to you.