Prophetic Words - November 2010
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November 2010

2010.11.06 Interpretation of tongues

I am the Lord your God. I am the One who has made all things, and I have made you for Me. And because you are Mine I say again and I say again and I say again that you may receive this word that I truly do love you, that I truly do care for you, that I truly do know your every action, your every word, your every thought. Walk by faith, My children, and not by feelings. Walk by faith and not by the rational reasonings of your minds. My saints have through all the years done things incomprehensible to the human mind. I do not expect anything less from you. And I do ask from you to trust Me, to really trust Me. To trust Me when you can understand what is happening is no real trust. I ask from you to trust Me when things do not make sense. I ask from you to trust Me when you do not feel My presence. But I promise that you shall have My word. So listen when I speak, for I speak in many different ways. And remember My word, all My words to you. Write it down, read it often, remember it and live by it. You cannot live by the ecstasy of the moment, or by the despondency of the moment. My requirement from you is to live by My word. My words will be like a rock, it shall not move to and fro. My children, the one word in these moments that I give you is that I shall take you by the hand and that I shall lead you through to the finishing line. What I require from you is to persevere and to wait upon Me and to trust Me with your life, especially in these times. Again I say, receive the love I have for you. For by being filled with My love for you shall you be filled with love for those around you. It can never work the other way round. You will first have to receive My love before you can give and offer real love to others. You first have to come to Me to receive My life, and let My life flow into you and through you, and then it shall become life to others around you. So receive My life. Do not just know about it, but receive it. Receive My grace, receive My promises, receive My presence and live by it, says your Lord. I love you! I do not say this without reason again and again. I say it with the fullest intent that you shall live by it.