Prophetic Words - October 2008
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October 2008

2008.10.11 Prophetic Word

My people shall indeed see Me face to face. You are My people and this is your inheritance, this is your future, this is your joy. And for the joy set before Him My Son has endured the cross. For the joy set before you endure your road on earth. Be quiet in My presence. Be filled with the joy that awaits you. Wait upon Me in stillness, setting your own ideas, your own timescales aside. Just be willing to be truly led by My Spirit. Just be willing for Me to do with you and unto you and through you whatever I want to. Set aside the need to understand. But understand this and know this: that I am your God, I am the God Who created all things, I am the Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, and I am your God. And know that I am on your side. And know that all things done unto you is done in love, is done for your benefit. And also know and understand this: your future is secure in Me. Never walk away from Me, just cling to Me and in all things giving thanks unto Me. And in that way shall you assure your full inheritance, by counting it all joy, even when things go badly. And thus I encourage you and I beseech you to just cling to Me and cling to the knowledge of My love for you. Know that nothing absolutely nothing will happen unto you apart from Me. Not a hair of your head shall be lost, says the Lord.

2008.10.04 - More Word

Stop nagging Me about when, but rejoice that I am coming for you soon.


You manifest pure love when you long for My presence more than you long to be out of this world.


You can choose to praise and thank God continually for who He is and soar, or look at your circumstances and wallow in self pity and sink.


Before you know it the time will come and in a moment you will be changed and you will see Me face to face.


Ruthlessly expel every thought which does not honour and glorify God's character of love, grace and righteousness. Guard your heart and mind in the love of God. Let the peace in your heart be the umpire.