Prophetic Words - October 2009
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October 2009

2009.10.10 Interpretation of tongues

Behold, says the Lord, the door is open and the time is at hand. I have brought you a long way and I have brought you to this point. I led you all the way not to forsake you at this stage, but to lead you through and to bring you into My glory. All the tests of faith, of endurance, of patience shall not last forever. This I tell you, that the door is open and the time is at hand. Any second, any day I shall call you upwards into My glory. Stay with Me. Keep trusting and keep looking up. I am your God, I am your Savior, I am your King, I am your Caretaker, I am your Protector, your Guide. I have been that and I shall be that until the end, says the Lord your God.