Prophetic Words - October 2011
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October 2011

2010.10.15 Interpretation of tongues

I am the living God and thus I see you every second and am I with you always. I know every thought of your heart. I know every desire of your heart. And by My Spirit Ive been working on your heart for years and years to cleanse it, to create within you a new and a perfect creature My bride lovely to behold. You need to trust Me fully, completely. You need to really enter into rest because I, the Living God, know you. I know you are Mine, I know what price Ive paid for you, I have known you from before the foundation of the world. It pleases Me when you have rest in Me, it does not please Me when you are full of anxiety as if I do not know you, as if I do not care, as if I am not with you, as if I am incapable to protect you, to keep you. I shall keep you standing, I have promised that. I shall hold your hand as I lead you over the finishing line, I have promised you that. Have peace in Me, be quiet in My presence. Drink in the fact that I see you. I, the Almighty Creator of all things, I see you every second. Drink in that fact. I see what you do, I know what you think every second. Drink in that fact. I love you. I have told you that many, many times and I change not. Love is My nature, so count on My love, depend upon it. I do not love you because you deserve it, I love you because I am love. The problem is not in Me not giving love to you, the problem is you not receiving My love. So learn to be quiet in My presence. Learn to let all your anxieties rest in Me and wait upon Me. For you know, because My Spirit has made it known unto you, that I have great plans ahead. So do not lose heart, do not lose vision. Look at Me and wait for Me. The day of your release is at hand. Wait upon Me, says the Lord.