Prophetic Words - September 2008
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September 2008

2008.09.13 Interpretation of Tongues

An eternal inheritance, says your Lord. Because I love you, I have provided, I have established, consecrated even, an eternal inheritance for you at My side. My love for you extend all bounds of your comprehension. My joy and My favour towards you are beyond what the human mind can conceive or understand. The plans I have for you are above anything you can imagine. The things laid up for you in the heavens are so great and marvelous that nothing on this earth can ever compare to it. And no sorrow and no misfortune and no trial and no difficult thing on your path can ever compare to the joy, to the greatness of My grace that I have laid up for you. And every difficult thing in this life that you have gone through will I, even I - your God, your Lord, your Saviour, your King will I recompense to you hundredfold. I have said this many times and I say it again: I really love you. You need not deserve it, you must not try to deserve it, you must not think in terms of whether you deserve it or not. That is not My desire. My desire is for you to respond to My love and to love Me right back. And I will lead you through and I will take you by the hand and I will lead you on to the finishing line of your race. I will lead you on into victory so that you shall be by My side forevermore. Nothing this earth can offer, nothing this world can offer can compare at all with your inheritance in Me. Be careful to not lose your inheritance by deeming things of this world to be important, but do all unto Me with a total heart of dedication and in this way will I complete what I have started with you and will you receive a full inheritance. I love you, says the Lord. Peace to you.

2008.09.06 Prophetic Word

Behold, My children, says the Lord, My day is at hand and I shall thoroughly purge this earth of all its evil and I shall bring on a new day of glory and of joy and of righteousness. And I shall be King over all the earth and My Lordship shall be known unto all the heavens. And I shall set right what is wrong. I shall cast out darkness and death. I shall certainly, completely, totally make all things new. Do not doubt that this is your destiny, My children. Do not doubt that I have called you to be part of My cleaning-up operations. Do not doubt that I still have a day of praise left for this earth and I've destined you to be part of that, to be bearers of My grace, to be there as channels of My goodness and My message and My power. So, My children, LET NOT YOUR HOPE GROW DIM! Pick up the weak knees and the trembling heart and go on with a firm step for My word shall surely come to pass. Do not doubt your destiny, do not doubt the situation that you are in and let it not cause you to lose hope. I am with you, I am for you and I shall complete what I have started in your lives. So, peace to you, My children, and have joy in Me and have joy in what is coming very, very soon. I love you, says the Lord.