Prophetic Words - September 2009
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September 2009

26.09.2009 Interpretation of tongues

Forever, says the Lord, is My timescale. The way man is at the moment, your timescales are for now, for this second, and your plans are like that, and your thoughts are like that. But My timescale and My thoughts for you are forever. Very soon shall you know the meaning of forever. Very soon shall you enter the fullness and not understand only in part anymore, but you shall understand in full, says the Lord. I am your God, I am your Savior and I save to the uttermost. I save in all regards. My love for you is comprehensive, it entails everything. My love for you is great enough to allow suffering in your life. And again you cannot understand it thinking in the now, but you can once the knowledge of forever has been made known to you. Great is the reward awaiting you if you persevere in My way, if you persevere in just being available, if you let Me have My way with you all the way, if you wait and abide My time. Great shall be your reward if you are willing to do things you do not understand because you simply trust Me. I have great joy in your trust in Me. I desire for you to trust Me and yes, I do test your trust, but I shall not test you in order to break you. I shall test you in order to make you strong and to build you up in your relationship with Me. Therefore whatever happened in the future, whether it be a few days or a few months you won't know, use these last few moments to really just turn yourselves completely unto Me, to really seek Me with all your heart, to really trust Me completely. The greater trust is not for the material things, but it is for the spiritual and for the eternal. Use your time and your opportunities to really be sure that you not only have oil in your lamps, but in your vessels as well, that you shall be filled with My oil, with My love, with love for Me. Keep faith in My dealings with you, that you shall be empty of yourselves and the purpose of your lives shall not be what you desire, but what I desire. Prepare yourselves for the greatest calling there is to be Mine completely, utterly, fully with no holding back anything, to be Mine. That is My greatest desire for you. That is your destiny. If you are willing to trust Me in that fashion then it shall be. I love you, says the Lord. I love you forever.