End Time Visions
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The Visions

These visions have been received by a 14 year old boy living in Cape Agulhas (the Southernmost tip of Africa) during the period April to August 2007.

They concern the events of the final 10 years on earth in its present state and also deal with conditions during the coming Millennium, and to a lesser extent, give some insights into conditions on the new earth.

The final 10 years before the onset of the Millennium is subdivided into 3 periods of 3 years each. The first of these 3 year periods starts off when the Lord Jesus Christ comes like a thief in the night to fetch His own and take them to heaven - also called the 'Calling Away'. This is followed one year later by the first 4 trumpets and then the fifth trumpet. The second 3 year period contains the proclamation of the 3 messages and the gathering of the great harvest. On earth Babylon is destroyed and the Antichrist starts establishing his authority. The final 3 year period is the Great Tribulation under the rule of Antichrist. It culminates in a global war and eventually Jesus Christ brings an end to this war at Armageddon. The rapture and first resurrection take place at the end of this 3 years and somewhat at the start of the global war.

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Visioene in Afrikaans vertel - audio opnames:

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